Twilight Lakes

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The East and West Twilight lakes rest at the foot of towering cliffs that mark the end of the West Daryaan Plateau and the southwestern border of Kermaan. In stark contrast, the southern shores of both lakes slope gently upward forming low plains that eventually crumple into the northern foothills of the Tapey Mountain Range. The sharp discontinuity in elevation shields the Shogunate of Kavus from the worst of the arctic wind that blasts the West Daryaan Plateau. As a consequence, there are no major settlements on the northern shores of either lake. The Kermaan military does maintain observation outposts to keep tabs on the cities of Sajzi, New Qehi, and Arakan. Those are considered the worst possible postings by the soldiers of Kermaan.

Besides a robust fishing economy, the soft clay on the southern shore of both lakes is excellent for making pottery. The potters of Masulee, Kavus, and Sob-Rooz all insist their clay is superior to the others’. Flimsy boats of waxed canvass or hides stretched over chitin or bone frames are used to fish, transport goods, and ferry people.

Twilight Lakes

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