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The Aval Kingdom claims to be literally the first kingdom established on Jaraah. It is certainly the oldest and can trace its history long past any other nations. The Aval Library is a unique repository of lore and is accessible only by invitation. Aval is also the only kingdom that was not actually displaced by the Claacos. Being on the southeastern fringe of the Shomaal, it was conveniently situated to avoid the worst of the Claacos swarms and fend off the smaller and weaker breeds of the north. Aval Kingdom is currently ruled by King Lether XXXIII. Aval kingdom is the most densely populated in the Shomaal and may be the most populous overall. Towns and villages dot its main roads at reliable intervals and most travelers will never have to sleep in the open country when journeying along those roads. The official state religion of Aval Kingdom is Sacred Aval, though Kaikias, God of the Wind is worshiped extensively in Negal. The Templars of Khoob and the Fellowship of Jangal are tolerated in Aval. Since the Prophets of Talkh seek to cause death of everybody and anybody, they are in direct conflict with Sacred Aval. Even evil followers of Sacred Aval work to destroy the Prophets of Talkh.

As Aval is blessed with high-quality timber and the rest of the Shomaal is starved, the Aval Carpenter Guild has risen in wealth in influence as the custodian of Aval’s forest resources and carpentry skill.

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Aval Kingdom

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