Emperors of Sob-Rooz

Empire of Sob-Rooz

Sob-Rooz Coat of Arms
The device of the Imperial Family of Sob-Rooz is a black background with two open pomegranate ovals side-by-side (<jdsher: /> blazon: sable, two pomegranates palewise Or flecked sanguine </jdsher:>). Each pomegranate half symbolizes the ancient kingdoms of Sob and Rooz as two parts of the same whole. The pomegranate seeds represent the fertility of the empire. The maroon seeds are shown in the middle of each oval. This corresponds to the eyes of the male members of the Imperial Family which due to a genetic mutation on the y chromosome have maroon flecks in them. The three kingdoms subjugated after the combination of Sob and Rooz through marriage are not represented on the device. They are represented on the Sword of Kings.

Dates indicate the beginning and end of the reign of the Emperor.

Emperor Jorax V, 4002-4013: The Claacos first appeared in the year 4012 south of the Saahel Desert. Jorax V personally conducted campaigns against them, and was killed shortly after.

Emperor Jorax VI ‘The Fearful’, 4013-4038: Having learned from the mistakes of his father, Jorax VI avoided direct personal exposure to the Claacos. Though he survived, he was considered a coward by his vassals.

Emperor Jorax VII, 4038-4045: Lost 1/3 the empire to Claacos infestation. Died in combat defending the city O’Lan.

Emperor Nagud III, 4045-4057: Sob-Rooz reduced to 1/2 its previous size. Refugees crowded everywhere. Died in combat assaulting the nest of a Claacos hive near the city of O’Kar.

Emperor Nagud IV ‘The Great’, 4057-4077: Ordered the establishment of New Sob-Rooz in the Shomaal in 4060. Sent the non-fighting age members of the Imperial Family to take refuge there. Other refugees followed. Sob-Rooz surrounded by Claacos hives to the west and north. Nagud IV died in combat escorting a large group of refugees later called the Last Exodus fleeing north through Claacos infested territory. Sword of Kings lost.

Emperor Duroh VIII, 4077-40??: Crowned Emperor after the death of Nagud IV. Nobody who remained in Sob-Rooz after the Last Exodus was ever heard from again. Perhaps some survivors fled south through the jungles.

Emperor Adfah, 4080-4097: First Emperor crowned in New Sob-Rooz. Organized the refugees and established new cities. Good relations with Aval Kingdom ensured assistance in these efforts. Led an army south at the end of his reign to assist other kingdoms fighting the Claacos. Died in combat. Zahedanian refugees founded New Azakh in 4082.

Emperor Xelem I, 4097-4???: First Emperor born in New Sob-Rooz. Set out to reclaim Sob-Rooz against the advice of everybody. Never heard from again.

Emperor Xelem II, 4100-4115: Born Mikah. Younger brother of Xelem I. Assisted refugees from other DaRey kingdoms in establishing cities farther north in the Shomaal.

Emperor Xelem III ‘The Good’, 4115-4139: Born Dovahn. Younger brother of Crown Prince Xelem III who died before ascending the throne. Led armies on rear-guard humanitarian missions to help refugees from southern kingdoms flee the onslaught of the Claacos. Joined the Great Alliance in 4135 tying the fates of humanity and elvenkind together. Perished in the fighting after the notorious flight of the elves led by Ulahkar Yorvillian who abandoned their allies and forests leading to the Elven Diaspora. Temple of Khoob Holy City named Bash founded in Zahedan in 4124. Knights of Khoob founded in 4126.

Emperor Xelem IV, 4139-4148: Born Havad. Younger brother of Crown Prince Xelem IV who died before ascending the throne. Brutal winter in the Shomaal in 4148 killed many including the young emperor. Refugees continued to pour into the Shomaal.

Emperor Xelem V, 4148-4166: Born Fazhad. Younger brother of Crown Prince Xelem V who died before ascending the throne. Claacos started to appear on the southern border of Sob-Rooz. Flow of refugees ceased, no news from the south starting in 4164. Xelem V heavily fortified and garrisoned the southern cities of Sob-Rooz. Defenses held as the Claacos were hampered by the cold. In 4150, Kingdom of Yazd’s capital moved to its northernmost military outpost which is renamed New Zarch. In 4154, Claacos nearly infest Aval Kingdom in 4154 through the incompetence of Duke Horan XLVIII at the city of Kahnul. Temple of Khoob ended political chaos in Zahedan through the military action of the Knights of Khoob to form the Zahedanian Protectorate in 4164.

Emperor Xelem VI ‘The Butcher’, 4166-4186: Led campaigns against the Tribes of Daryaa who had turned against the new settlers crowding them out. Tribes massacred and pushed to the very far north.

Emperor Xelem VII, 4186-4208: Masulee attempted to secede from Kermaan in 4193. Xelem VII secretly assisted the rebels to reduce the power of Kermaan on its northern border. Assistance became open as the rebels achieved successful results.

Emperor Xelem VIII, 4208-4243: Kermaan and Kavus warred over control of the Twilight Lakes. Xelem VIII goaded both and sold arms to both plunging both kingdoms into desolate poverty. Prophets of Talkh gained prominence during this war as desperate peasants committed mass suicides rather than face the ravages of the competing armies.

Emperor Xelem IX, 4243-4262: Xelem IX converted to the Temple of Khoob. Embarked on diplomatic initiatives to promote peace and cooperation in the Shomaal. Attacked the Prophets of Talkh and drove them underground.

Emperor Xelem X, 4262-4282: ‘Witch Protests’ of 4273 swept across the Shomaal. Magic users were attacked by vigilante mobs. Most took refuge in the relatively tolerant Seft. The Academy of Seft was formed in 4279 as a result. It is rumored that agents of Xelem X helped many magic users escape Sob-Rooz and other kingdoms.

Emperor Xelem XI, 4282-4293: Xelem XI died young of pneumonia.

Emperor Xelem XII, 4293-4305: Trade dispute with Kermaan led to brief war. Outcome was inconclusive. Both sides came to terms on trade.

Emperor Xelem XIII, 4305-4327: Aval Kingdom attempted to take over Yazd. Xelem XIII intervened on the Kingdom of Yazd side. Relations with Aval Kingdom have been strained ever since.

Emperor Xelem XIV, 4327-4358: Period of peace and prosperity in the Shomaal.

Emperor Xelem XV, 4358-4384: Xelem XV built the greatest army ever seen in the Shomaal and launched an all-out assault on the Claacos to the south. After achieving initial success, his army was eventually obliterated. Sob-Rooz was left weak and vulnerable. See Jongo’s Notes for information about some of Xelem XV’s inner circle.

Emperor Xelem XVI, 4384-4420: Surprise attack by Kavus in 4385 caused loss of Arakan, on the eastern shore of the East Twilight Lake. Kavus held the city for 25 years during which Xelem XVI rebuilt the Sob-Rooz army and took it back in 4415. A formal peace was signed, but sporadic fighting continued between the two kingdoms for the rest of his reign.

Emperor Xelem XVII ‘Iron-Fist’, 4420-4466: Subjugated Kavus in 4430 after a 10 year campaign despite indirect opposition from neighboring kingdoms.

Emperor Xelem XVIII ‘The Fool’, 4466-4480: Lost Kavus after a 10 year insurrection. The Sob-Rooz response was plagued by poor tactical execution and no strategy combined with brutal treatment of Kavus civilians that lent fuel to the rebellion. Kavus nobles had been in exile in Zahedan waiting for the death of ‘Iron-Fist’ to launch their return to power.

Emperor Xelem XIX, 4480-4495: No remarkable achievements.

Emperor Xelem XX, 4495-present: Current Emperor of Sob-Rooz.

Crown Prince Xelem the XXI: Current Crown Prince of Sob-Rooz.

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