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Rule Modifications and Other Mechanics

In this campaign, all cure wounds spells (Cure Light Wounds, Cure Serious Wounds, and Cure Critical Wounds) require one dose of holy liquid. Generally, this will be holy water, but some faiths, such as Rashka, Goddess of Fire, use holy oil.

Holy water is created in a special ceremony that must include at least one priest. The priest must be accompanied by at least six hit dice of faithful. Other priests, in the same religion, contribute their level in hit dice. Lay people contribute 1/2 hit die per level. Priests of other faiths cannot contribute. The priest must cast Create Water, Protection from Evil, and Purify Food and Drink. The prayer Bless can be substituted for Protection from Evil if the latter is not accessible. Other substitutions should be made on a case-by-case basis. The ceremony takes a full day of thoughtful prayer. Each priest of the faith participating in the ceremony has the opportunity to cast all three spells and create 1/2 gallon of holy liquid (equivalent to 8 vials). The liquid must either be stored in special vials dedicated to this purpose or in a basin at a temple dedicated to the appropriate deity.

Examples of valid holy water creation parties:

  • 1 6th level priest
  • 6 1st level priests of the same faith
  • 1 1st level priest and 10 lay people
  • 1 1st level priest, 5 2nd level adventurers of various non-priest classes

Holy oil is created similarly, except the spell ‘Create Oil’ is used instead of Create Water. Once sanctified as holy oil, the oil can be use for cure wounds spells and has explosive properties similar to Greek fire. Care should be taken in its storage and transport. Creatures vulnerable to holy water may or may not be vulnerable to holy oil, though they will take fire damage if they are not immune to fire.

Unholy water and unholy oil are created by reversing the requisite spells. Neutral priests can use either version depending on their purpose.

Priests should be careful to understand the provenance of any holy oil they purchase. If a good priest of a particular faith purchases unholy water from the same faith from an evil priest, he will be very surprised when he tries to use it to cast cure light wounds on his comrades.

Priests can only use holy water from their own faith to cast spells.

Priest Rules

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