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The Empire of Sob-Rooz was the mightiest of the nations of Jaraah before the Cloccas invasion. It remains the largest and most powerful nation in the Shomaal, though the moniker “Empire” is a bit grandiose for its current diminished state. Warriors from Sob-Rooz are the fiercest to be found and regularly mount excursions south to hunt Claacos for food and their chitin exoskeletons which are made into all manner of goods including armor. Every generation for the past 500 years since establishing themselves in the Shomaal, the second sons of the Emperor and all the highest ranking nobles embark on a quest to the capital city, Sob-Rooz, of the ancestral homeland of the emperor deep in the south of DaRey. They follow the Tapey Mountains along the western coast of DaRey and then attempt to cross the Saahel Desert east before trying to fight across Claacos infested lands on the way to Sob-Rooz. It is rumored they quest to retrieve some special artifact still housed in the Sob-Rooz treasury. Needless to say, they hardly ever return. The Sob-Rooz have always been suspicious, but tolerant of magic making for complicated relations with the Kingdom of Seft. Emperor Xelem XX of Sob-Rooz currently sits on the throne. His eldest son Crown Prince Xelem the XXI is the heir apparent. See Emperors of Sob-Rooz for the succession since the appearance of the Claacos.

The Sob-Rooz military is the most meritocratic of the armies of the Shomaal. All noble sons are required to serve as officers for 5 years and there is plenty of action to test them along the Claacos infested southern border. Uniquely among the northern realms, commoners can be promoted to the officer ranks. If they reach the rank of Captain, they are typically ennobled. This creates an engine for social mobility and also attracts the best commoner fighters from the neighboring lands.

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